We continue challenging the possibility of high performance carbon fiber composite.

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About us

Compsites Company, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS. is the leading composite material manufacturer in Japan. We produce wide range of products, using high performance composite materials such as carbon fiber that are utilized in the field of construction and engineering as well as in the industrial field. Not only do we seek for the highest quality in producing carbon fiber composite products, we continuously challenge ourselves to discover newer and better construction and engineering methods that would satisfy the needs of our customers.

Himeji Factory and Research & Development Facility

Most products are manufactured in Himeji factory which is located in the part of Hirohata Works of Compsites Company, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS (Himeji, Hyogo). The Himeji factory manages a variety of tasks such as shipment control, quality control, and raw material examination. As part of quality management, we have recently established the department of quality and environmental control. We hope to focus more of our attention on customer satisfaction by maintaining high quality of our products.

In order for us to meet the customer demands, we focus our best efforts on research and development as well. Our research and development facility is located in Itabashi, Tokyo, and variety of sample tests are conducted there. The experimental results and information collected from the tests are thoroughly analyzed and reflected in the development of new products.


‐Seeking a little twinkling star‐

Compsites Company, NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN MATERIALS Co., Ltd. Composites Company is the leading carbon fiber composite manufacturer based in Japan. We offer wide variety of products from reinforcing material for civil engineering and construction to precision machine parts. We continue challenging to enhance the possibility of high performance carbon fiber composite.

As it says in our motto “seeking a little twinkling star,” we continuously try to respond to the customer satisfaction and to build trusts upon it with our developing and creative mind. Since the day our company was established, we have been obtaining good reputation from our customers by providing materials that would satisfy customers’ needs.

Under the fast changing economic conditions, customers’ needs will be diversified more and more. However, we will put our efforts on offering competitive high performance carbon fiber composites in composite field and superior rehabilitation methods in construction field in order to be “a company which obtains an absolute reliability from customers.”

Please let us be with you as your strong partner!

Construction materials


Light weight, high strenght, and high modulus continuous carbon fiber sheets that is best applicable in reinforcing and repairing concrete members.

Towgrid Towmesh

High performance continuous reinforcing fiber that is impregnated in resin to form light and thin FRP grid applied to gain the same reinforcement effects as those of the reinforced concrete. Also available in mesh form.

Tow Plate

Pultruded unidirectional car bon fiber plates, which are impregnated in and hardened with epoxy resin, is applicable in reinfocring a slab and a beam of concrete memebers.


CFRP strips with anchoring devices at its both ends to introduce prestress on the concrete members, is fixed and adhered on the concrete surface to obtain great strengthening effect.


Used as concrete reinfocing bars for shaft walls in NOMST method, ground improvement is unnecessary thus cut down on working time and cost is obtained.

Carbon fiber composite


Low inertial, light weight, and high modulus carbon fiber composite roll that is applied in newspaper rotary press and film production line.

CFRP Robot Parts

CFRP robot parts made out of pitch based high performance carbon fiber has characteristics of very light weight and high modulus which differenciate this product from others.

CFRP Parts for the 
Letest Bulllet Train

Light weight latest bullet train parts which is designed for energy-saving and soundproofing purpose with our creative minds.